The distinguished and nationally prominent faculty involved in the Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging Center (CNIC) utilize the tools of the basic and behavioral sciences as well as advanced brain imaging technologies to better understand the normal development of the mind and brain. Scientists and researchers at FIU are working to determine how the brain functions and its implications for modern medicine and neural health.

This initiative brings together experts from the departments of Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy and Biological Sciences with the applied fields of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering and Education. These faculty seek to uncover the mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders in order to restore physical and cognitive functionality.


Department of Biological Sciences (SEAS)

• Phillip Stoddard – Neurobiology – Communication focusing on how a communication system evolves
• Jamie Theobald – Neuroecology – Bio-inspired artificial business vision systems.
• Ophelia Weeks – Neuroanatomy – Aging, learning and memory, and memory loss.

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (SISH)

• Yuan Liu – Biochemistry – Neurodegenerative diseases, DNA damage and repair
• Jarvalosa Misovska – Biochemistry – Calcium sensor proteins involved in neuronal function

• Joong-Ho Moon – Nanoparticles – Microscopic physiological imaging in neurobiology and immunology

• Xiaotang Wang – Neurochemistry – The role of metal ions in neurodegenerative diseases
• Stanislaw Wnuk – Organic Chemistry – Nucleosides/nucleotides in anti-cancer and anti-viral medicine
• Yi Xiao – Biochemistry – Biotechnologies, biomaterials, and nanomaterials to develop biosensors

Department of Modern Languages (SIPA)

• Melissa Baralt – Applied Linguistics – Second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, cognitive effects of bilingualism

Department of Philosophy (SISH)

• Sean Allen-Hermanson - Philosophy of mind and science; issues concerning consciousness
• Jennifer Matey – Philosophy of psychology and cognition – The nature of perceptual experience

Department of Physics (SISH)

• Richard Bone - Biophysics: Physics of the eye and visual perception systems; Age-related degeneration of the retina
• Prem Chapagain – Biophysics – Mathematical modeling of dynamics of infectious diseases
• Bernard Gerstman – Biophysics – Modeling of molecular species in neurological disorders
• Angela Laird – Medical Physics – Functional MRI, understanding large-scale functional brain networks
• Robert Laird – Medical Physics – Nuclear medicine and health physics, functional neuroimaging

Department of Psychology (SISH)

• Anthony Dick – Developmental – Functional MRI, neural networks for language and executive function
• Lorraine Bahrick – Developmental – Early development of attention, perception, learning and memory
• Jonathan Comer - Anxiety and disruptive behavior problems; Innovative mental health care delivery
• Raul Gonzalez – Psychology – HIV, substance abuse, and neurobehavioral functioning
• Robert Lickliter – Developmental – Prenatal determinants of perceptual development
• Aaron Mattfeld - Psychology - Multimodal MRI, learning and memory across development
• Erica Musser - Clinical Psychology - Developmental psychopathology, emotion regulation, motivation, and social cognition
• Eliza Nelson – Developmental – Motor development in children and nonhuman primates
• Shannon Pruden Dick – Developmental – Spatial language and cognition
in children and adults
• Bethany Reeb-Sutherland – Developmental – EEG, Learning and social development during infancy
• Bennett Schwartz – Psychology – Metacognition and the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon
• Melanie Stollstorff – Cognitive Neuroscience – fMRI, genetics, ADHD, cognitive and emotional control
• Matthew Sutherland – Cognitive Neuroscience – Functional MRI and drug abuse

School of Education

• Eric Brewe – Modeling instruction and learning in STEM disciplines
• Elizabeth Cramer – Education of children with high incidence disabilities; diverse learners education
• Laura Dinehart – Role of fine motor skills in early learning
• Andy Pham – Neuropsychological and psycho-educational assessment, reading development


• Winifred Newman – Architecture – Neuroscience and Architecture, spatial perception and cognitive mapping


• Malek Adjouadi – Electrical and Computer Engineering – FMRI, EEG, visual and motor impairments
• Armando Barreto – Electrical and Computer Engineering – EEG, movement preparation, epilepsy
• Ruogu Fang – School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS) - functional MRI quantification improvement
• Mark A. Finlayson - School of Computing and Information Sciences - Cognitive modeling, semantics of natural language
• Anu Godavarty – Biomedical Engineering – Optical Imaging, autism, seizure localization in epilepsy
• Yen-Chih Huang – Biomedical Engineering – Tissue engineering, biomaterials, and microfabrication
• Radu Jianu - Computing and Information Sciences - Applied and theoretical visualization and visual analytics research
• Ranu Jung – Biomedical Engineering – Neural prostheses in spinal cord injuries, limb loss, or disease
• Chenzhong Li – Biomedical Engineering – Biosensors for the detection of neurodegenerative disease
• Wei-Chiang Lin – Neuroengineering – Interoperative needs of pediatric brain tumor and epilepsy
• Jorge Riera Diaz – Biomedical Engineering – Integration of functional MRI and EEG, epilepsy


• Salima Brillman – Neurology – Movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease
• Jeffrey Horstmeyer – Neurology – Neuromuscular neurology and electroneurophysiology
• Sergio Gonzalez-Arias - neurosurgery and clinical and translational neuroscience
• Jose Vega - Neurology - Interest in populations of patients with high risk of stroke in various inpatient and outpatient settings


• Alfredo Ardila – Communication Sciences & Disorders – Aphasia and neuropsychological disorders
• Denis Brunt – Physical Therapy – Perception and action related to gait analysis
• Monica Hough – Communication Sciences & Disorders – Neurogenic communication disorders
• Kinsuk Maitra – Occupational Therapy – Gerontology
• Edgar Vieira – Physical Therapy – Older adult falls and functional decline


• Carlos Parra – Marketing – Consciousness and mental awareness impacting entrepreneurship